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JWA Music


Artists and Clients with prior involvement with JWA Music

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Musicians/Performers/Song Writers

Convergence Zone, Paul Reese, George Oistad, Ann Reese, Stacey Andrews, Tom Ormbrek, Martin M, Cynthia Mullis, Blood Red Dancers, N'Shama Sterling, Steve Wolfstone, Michael Houlihan, Joani Logue, Ray Coughlin, Laurie Lyons, Lyle Zimmerman, Gregory Jones, 188th Street Klezmer Band, Phloz, Love In The Shadows, Nadia Farjon, Amy Ferron, Cole Potter, Stephen Wolfe Smith, Pamela Bono, Phantom Rose, Brady Lyman, Gary Selness (SelnesSongs), Judith Card, KA$H, Triuir, Fade To Black, Kip Kane, Jeff Toczynski, Dan Spegman, 23 Red, Lisa Fink, Vamp, Loft, Charles Solbrig, Stefan DeLuca, Steven Bishofski, The Roasted Nuts, Point Blank, more

Film/Video Clients 

Beyond the Fringe, University of Washington, NBC's Saturday Night Live, Southern California Edison, Bill Matson, City of Seattle, 1996 Olympics Committee, DSM Producers, TCI's Northwest Week, Barbara Spargo, Tracy High School 50th Reunion Committee, HomeStar Lending, Stephanie Kirkpatrick, David Lieder Music Company, more.

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